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Parenting is hard, and so is growing up.

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Hi there, I am Neha Mishra, a writer by passion and a mother forever by choice. After serving several roles in my short but fulfilling corporate journey, I decided to be a Stay at Home Mom. It was a gradual decision.  

Each day I used to look forward to seeing my little girl after office and take her in my arms. But on reaching home, instead of a chuckle, I was welcomed by a frown.

She was barely two then and showed her disappointment by giving me the silent treatment or complete ignorance. Some days she would show her frustration by howling but not letting me hold her.

Almost everyone around me said I was being finicky. What does a 2-year-old understand? But deep inside I knew that she understood a lot more than we could comprehend. I left my job and started reading her mind. Like literally.

Delving into child psychology helped me understand her personality better. My daughter is my current muse. And for my love of weaving thoughts, I try to put across my learning into words.

My Perfectly Imperfect Family

Well, I am not just a mother alone. I am someone’s wife too. And believe me, I play that role quite efficiently. I never leave a chance to sponsor my husband’s guilt trip. Oh! And the shopping bills.

As for me, I write (and read) about anything and everything that is close to my heart. My writing gives me a sense of entitlement and accomplishment. I work as a freelance content writer and also share my parenting excerpts; write about kids and their emotions; grownups and their relationships and about women-centric issues.

I believe that kids are individuals with unique personalities, they have feelings, and they don’t own us anything. I also believe every situation has a way of changing; and that only we can help ourselves.

A typical day for me comprises of telling endless stories, particularly extempore; dancing to peppy Bollywood numbers(actually, I am not given a choice here), and I am supposed to have the fastest of reflux, and not to forget, need to have an answer to everything (by everything I mean everything: my daughter does not accept “I don’t know” as an answer).

If you have any feedback/ suggestions or have an idea to share, you can easily reach out to me at

Cheers to our newfound friendship!

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